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Remember Your Brothers by Mute-Demon555 Remember Your Brothers :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 4 3 Squeaky Clean! :3 by Mute-Demon555 Squeaky Clean! :3 :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 6 12 New ID 2013 by Mute-Demon555 New ID 2013 :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 4 61
Vanity/Pride[ ] You carry a
[ ] You carry a mirror everywhere.
[ ] You carry beauty supplies everywhere.
[ ] You put others down.
[ ] You flaunt or brag about yourself.
[ ] The only topic that interests you is you.
[ ] You don't listen to other's problems.
[ ] You wear booty shorts.
[/] You wear makeup. (Just eyeliner... And lipstick sometimes...)
[ ] You enjoy attention.
[ ] You like to do things YOUR way and YOUR way only.
TOTAL: 0.5
[X] You feel negative about your body image.
[X] You don't have a lot of money.
[ ] You don't have good grades.
[ ] You're insecure.
[ ] Your living conditions aren't the best.
[ ] You cry a lot.
[ ] You are bullied.
[ ] You've never been in a real relationship or have been in a bad one.
[ ] You don't attract all the guys.
[ ] You think everyone else has better things.
TOTAL: 2.5
[ ] You eat a lot.
[ ] You always get more than what you need.
[X] You always have snacks around your house.
[X] You drink a
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 1 1
It seems things never change,
Day to day, they're always the same.
I can't find myself anymore,
Sometimes I just want to be lost upon the shore.
Will things start to change?
Or will they remain the same?
Day to night, Night to day,
Nothing left to do or say.
I'm frightened for the future,
And terrified of my past.
Yet something's keeping me here,
Something so very dear.
Not something.
Someone I've known for quite a long time.
I've kept strong, for that one soul,
Kept going, for that one life-long goal.
I won't give up, not now,
Because then I wouldn't know how...
I wouldn't know how to stay strong,
I wouldn't know if anything's wrong.
Please don't let go,
I need you, please know...
You've kept me strong all this time,
With your whimsical smile and perfect chime,
My spirit's clean of my past's grime,
Inner gears working, sublime.
Someone has to know,
Needs to know before I go.
That person needs to be you,
Please, words are so fragile, like morning dew.
You're keeping me h
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 4 11
Spectrum Clarity by Mute-Demon555 Spectrum Clarity :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 5 3 Smile Kid by Mute-Demon555 Smile Kid :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 3 7 New Oktober ID by Mute-Demon555 New Oktober ID :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 7 12
And in This Marriage We So Humbly Display...
Whispers of a silent eloquence, whispers that stay,
And in this marriage we so humbly display,
We both have the right to fall apart,
Each we know makes blood an art.
Yet with needle and thread, do we stay,
To stitch these wounds, day to day.
Though we know eternity won't be spent broken,
We'll know the words we both have softly spoken.
Frightened eyes have no place here,
Sadness no longer haunts, let beauty cheer.
We're together now, eternity whispers,
Pain will never scar us, hurt never blisters.
An unbroken bond, hearts beat strong,
Not now does the love feel wrong.
Eternity now, sits here in this song,
Forever's embrace where we do belong.
He and she, one in the same,
Twin sides, coins of pain,
Forever behind a mask,
Nevermore will they dare to ask.
Opposites attract,
But can't those sides once more attack?
Attack the fear and attack the pain,
Forever removing the guilt of shame.
The pain in their eyes, forever known,
The pain in their eyes, nevermore grown.
Hearts heal and scars wi
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 2 5
Familiar Strangers
I'm transparent to you,
But why are you impossible to read?
It seems to me that I'm missing something...
Have I said something?
Or not enough?
It seems I can't ever take your pain,
The sorrow never leaves your gorgeous blue eyes,
Tonight, I can't tell what went wrong...
So like so many other long, sleepless nights,
I'll stay up and write to you this song.
Forgive me if my voice shakes,
Because it seems I can't hold it together.
We're familiar with each other's touch,
Yet complete strangers.
Somehow we've forgotten the past.
Or at least put it away.
Battle scars from long dead pain,
They still remain, but it's not the same.
Pain's been frozen,
Love's been saved,
Sorrow's been denied,
Joy's been stored in reserve.
This time, it's different. We're different.
This time, it's the same. We're the same.
We're just familiar strangers, darling.
And tonight, I've said too much, been too unkind...
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 6 9
Behind that Mask... by Mute-Demon555 Behind that Mask... :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 7 18
Dragons, Battles, Wars... Oh My...
Yuck, was my only recurring thought as I mucked through the swamp, at the edge of the academy. Well, the Academy of Dragons that it is, it's a school for people that have been chosen by the Gift of Dragons.
The academy is where kids are sent to be trained and protect the world from demons that slip through dimensions into ours. We become dragon riders, and when we are ready we are placed all over the world in dragon posts. The council was made of dragons that have ruled for the past thousands of years, alongside the council of humans who rule the human side of the affairs.
Basically when a dragon grows old enough they acquire the ability to Gaze they call it and see which humans will grow into the "Gift of Dragons" and when they are identified, they are brought here. And since dragons live for thousands of years they can rule or a long time.
Yes I was one of those people; it is supposed to be a great honor. But mucking through the swamp looking for salamanders where they grew in abunda
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 3 1
Excuse this pointless pile of shit.
Things have become different.
There have been lots of changes.
Some have been... Good.
Others have been... Well, not so much.
Everything is so different now. This year started off so... Roughly. Brusquely. I gained a bit, but I also lost a bit.
Isn't that what they say? Give some, take some?
Or have I been mistaken this whole time...?
Perhaps things are... Meant to be this way. If they weren't, would they have ended this way?
I think they're supposed to be like this.
Why am I even typing this? This is just more ramblings from a psycho in the desert Southwest... I'd imagine it's relatively unimportant to any of you reading this. If anyone at all is reading this.
And why would any of you care? Ha ha, I mean, seriously. None of you care what's going on with me right now. You can pretend you do, but you really don't. So just ignore this, okay? Not like it's anything important anyway.
And no. Hell. Fucking. No. I am not asking for attention. I'm just rambling because I can't get my head tog
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 2 5
This Addiction, This Fight, This Fear... by Mute-Demon555 This Addiction, This Fight, This Fear... :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 6 13
Blades are.. Well, they're fascinating. Or at least I think so. For one to create something so beautiful, yet so dangerous. Would one be so scared to go so far as to create a way out for themselves by means of slashes and slits? Or was it simply just another misused tool?
.. They're as beautiful as the soul that holds it, as graceful as the hands that glides it. Blades are only mirrors, for they are the arms of one's heart.... They can be of death or love... It is how you wish.
:iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 8 8
Happy Birthday! by Mute-Demon555 Happy Birthday! :iconmute-demon555:Mute-Demon555 2 6


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Sat here and said that I'd be more active on here and I haven't done a goddamn thing...

Well whatever.

Doesn't really matter anyway. Y'all know I (probably) won't go anywhere without at least saying somethin' so...

I don't know..

I'm still all fucked up like I said in the last journal I posted in this place. I guess it's lesser now, but... Still.

Still living at my mom's. But I got my car back. And I got a job. So if you all get Starbucks and have a fucky time with it, call Starbucks and you'll maybe get me to help you out. Depends. I'm not done with training yet, so if you have a screwy time with Starbucks in like... Four to six weeks, and call, then maybe you'll get me answering you. But it depends. We've got a shitload of people working all over the country so... I dunno. :shrug:


I have no idea what to do for college. I don't even know if I want to go into Psychology anymore. If I keep landing myself in such a fucked up state, I don't know if I can help anyone else. Or - or - OR... It'll be like, I'll actually fucking LEARN something and have the balls to apply it to myself because LORD KNOWS I am AWFUL at that... I can give some of the best motherfucking advice (depending on the situation) but I DON'T HAVE THE GODDAMN BALLS TO DO SHIT FOR MYSELF MOST OF THE TIME.

Half the time I hate myself so goddamn much I want to just kill myself. Like right now. But I can't. Because I'm not stupid enough to. I hear the shit in my head and believe it, but I don't believe it enough to do anything major. Y'know? It's stupid. I can hear a hundred different things inside my head all calling my stupid, pathetic, a waste, a piece of shit, a fat bitch, a whore... All manner of harsh insults like that. And.. It's all so HARSH. Like I can't even emphasize enough for you how it all sounds to me. There isn't a tone of voice to emphasize how bad these insults are. The most serious and insulting voice you can imagine... That, ten fold. Twenty fold. Maybe more. That's how bad they are. But it doesn't matter really. I should just get over it right? I don't know...

And then the other half of the time I am on top of this goddamn nightmare world and so fucking full of myself that I couldn't give a shit if you told me to go kill myself or tell me to shut the fuck up. I just could NOT care AT ALL, and mow you down like all the other bitches that tell me to shut the hell up. I get so goddamn full of myself that I could look like a garbage truck hit me at 70 miles per hour and then landed in the garbage collecting part, crawl out and STILL think I was fucking amazing. (Actually, it would be considerably amazing if someone could live through that shit... Garbage trucks here in the US (for my non-US friends) are fucking huge so...)


So you know those times where you start thinking about things you haven't thought about in a long, long, looooonnnnnggg time?? Yeah, that's me lately. I've been thinking back to my years in middle school and the first two years of my high school career... What a fucking stupid and wonky time that was.. Ugh. I don't even know...


I have no fucking idea what else to write about...

Maybe more about work...

I'm in a training program, have been for a week now, so I literally JUST started this job.. I make $9.25 an hour and there is the option of earning pay raises for performance and the whole how-long-have-you-been-with-this-company sort of deal. So at 6 months I'll be making $9.50, and by like, a year and a half I'll be making $10 an hour. Which is amazing. Uh.. I work for a call center that has a whole bunch of companies using it for their call center. There's like, 6 different companies all using this ONE building for their call center. But this call center company has centers all over the country. Make sense? Uh.. Anyway, I'm one of the youngest in my training class. Everyone is either like 1-5 years older than me, or like, twice or three times my age. lol. My training instructor is super nice, very relaxed about most everything. I think we're kind of driving him nuts though... We talk too much. Like, WAY too much.

I work weird hours right now. I start at 3 PM and go to 11:30 PM. Ridiculous. We get half hour lunches... And I'm so gonna need a different meal to eat because Ramen and stupid-expensive pizza from the cafe is going to kill me. Call center work - for those that don't know - is a VERY sedentary job. Basically, I sit on my ass all day in a cubicle and talk to people who are bitching about their Starbucks drinks. Or at least that's what I WILL be doing soon. So it's either I eat like a squirrel every day or I just don't eat at all and live off water and juice/tea...

Anyway, it's a super relaxed work environment, because who the fuck is gonna care if you're in ripped jeans and a band tee if you're on the PHONE all day? The people who are calling ain't gonna see you! So it's not like it matters. As long as you don't come into work in your fucking birthday suit and you don't have your ass and tits hangin' out, no one really gives a shit.

And no, despite what you all think, I don't get free Starbucks. I get free office Starbucks. The stuff they make in the building on my floor, but that's it. However, I do get discounted Verizon phones, and a few other things... Just can't remember them right now. But the Verizon thing is the one that stuck because I like Verizon and I seriously need a new phone. Right now I have a Cosmos 2. It's a.. I don't even know how to describe it to you guys. It has QWERTY keyboard. That's how old it is. Go look it up.

So.. Because of this training program that I'm in, I know a SHIT LOAD of things that hardly anyone else knows because it's all company secrets... And technically I'm not allowed to say anything about it. So I'm not gonna. But it's totally cool to know why the fucking price of a goddamn cup of coffee is so ridiculous...

Anyway... Uh.
Thank you~
-MD. :rose:
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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
So this is the section where you all little ghouls get to find out about me...

There's not much to say except for...
:bulletblue: I love music (any kind except country, rap and anything 90% of society likes. So that leaves Metal, Rock, Screamo and general bands that are considered "noise" instead of music.)
:bulletblue: I don't believe in ANYTHING. There's absolutely NO "god" in my opinion. Don't like it? GTFO!


People I know in real life:
:iconbwmoonlight: (She's been my best friend since grade school.)
:iconcronicpain07: (Probably needs professional help... But refuses to get it.)
:iconschuylervanallen: (Officially married to an alter-ego lover.)
:iconthatsnoonya2u: (She has some great talent. Seriously, go look at her work. It's great.)

People I REALLY wanna meet:

There's not much else to say. I had to edit this 'cause it was getting old. If you want to ask about anything, send me a note. Otherwise... Whatever...

:bulletred: Mute-Demon555. Draining souls out of innocent people since 1885. ;) :bulletred:

Current Residence: Your skull
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Alternative, Techno/Electronic
Favourite photographer: My friend, Grace and Dream-traveler
Favourite style of art: Photography, Traditional Art, Surreal
Operating System: Windows 7: Starter
MP3 player of choice: iPod.
Skin of choice: Yours.
Favourite cartoon character: Jack Skellington
Personal Quote: I do not honestly care. So please; shut your mouth and leave quietly.



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